What's Project Barefoot?

Solar Panel

Project Barefoot began as an initiative to create the first global sustainable development company. It started with a single question, " Can we have what we want and be responsible stewards of our planet in the process?" The project evolved to focus on one of the core areas of need, and opportunity, in the struggle between the having what we want and not damaging our surroundings- our habitats. Built on our innovative approach, Project Barefoot has become a pioneer in sustainable buildings and communities, leading the way to a new paradigm in responsible living.

Through our passion for the built environment, our vision is to create habitats that are simultaneously comfortable and sustainable. We focus on the core issue of energy consumption versus thermal performance and strive to deliver solutions that can do a lot more with a lot less. Rather then rely solely on technology to force an answer, we incorporate lessons from the natural world and pre-industrialized man to create the most intelligent and efficient designs. In the end, we can provide truly modern, stylish habitats that can finally align our wants with the needs of our planet.

Project BarefootThe Herculean House

Learn about our Bio-Adaptive home designed for a new fully sustainable hospitality community development in Latin America. It needed to compete with leading luxury destination homes by providing comparable comforts and amenities while using a fraction of the energy those homes require.